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Few Dollars More

Take your ordinary blue hill blues. Mix it with some good old country twang. Throw in a bit of real ‘nod-your-head’ guitar rif ng and you get the intense blend of rework and groove that is Norway’s best Vintage Rock band, Few Dollars More.

The band plays their socks off every time they go on stage, making a statement that rock is far from dead. Their catchy songs, great interaction with the audience, and plenty of presence and charisma on stage, makes a promises of a real party at their gigs. Their goal is to always give the audience an experience to remember. This has made audiences, venue managers and music professionals name Few Dollars More one of Norways best live acts.

Sunset Redemption

New album out now!

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-“Fantastic … Absolutely worth your while”  –Vanessa “Nessy” Monaghan, The London Ear

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